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I promise..

Stopped off the other day at the shelter and reacquainted myself with the new Official HVSPCA Kitchen Cat, Sylvia. She's a real sweetheart. She was glad to see me and turned herself upside down for a belly tickle.

As usual, she sat on the edge of the washing machine overlooking my dish washing skills and made a few comments about some smudge I hadn't noticed on one of the kitty dishes. "Ooops! I said..."Sorry...I'll wash that one again.

So while we were conversing, Sylvia asked me how long she would be the Official HVSPCA Kitchen Cat and when she would be adopted just like Jerry by a loving family. She said, "Do you think I'm too old to get adopted??" "Too old??? I said. Hey there girlfriend. You're only 4 years old!! That's not old at all. But be patient. One day soon, somebody's gonna walk into the kitchen and do handstands over how absolutely cute you are. Just remember, you are such an adorable gentle, well-mannered and sweet little kitty and one day soon you'll be going to your "Forever Home." "I promise you that!" I said.

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