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Bringing Your New Dog Home

It's so exciting! You found your doggie buddy at the Hudson Valley SPCA and you just can't wait to finally bring your new dog home.


Let's keep in mind that your new dog is overwhelmed and confused at this point. The smells in your house are alien to him or her and your home is unfamiliar. Those first few days in a new environment are so important. We hope these tried-and-true methods will make that to your home an easier for all of you. 


Before you bring your dog home think about where your dog will spend most of her time. With all the excitement, your new pooch may forget any housebreaking skills learned. A kitchen, we find, is a good place to first confine your new pet with a baby gate. Remember to make that environment safe by taping loose cords, storing chemicals, removing plants and breakables. Before you bring her home, have food and water ready for her arrival in "her" room. And some toys.. chew toys will relax her. 



Will you be crating your dog? If so, be sure to have a crate set up and ready. Want to learn how to crate train your dog? CLICK HERE.



Get ready to train your new pet. Create a list of words that the entire family will use when giving your new pet directions. This will surely speed up his or her understanding of what you want. Need to learn more about how to "talk" to your dog? CLICK HERE.



Got your dog and are ready to bring him home? Before you do, take him out for a good walk. Use up some of that pent-up energy and excitement your new dog feels at finally going to her forever home. If possible, stop your car a few blocks from your home and walk him to the front door giving him a chance to relieve himself on the way. This will allow him to get used to the smells and sights of your neighborhood. It's a good way for the two of you to bond, too.



You're at your front door? You and the family should enter first and then invite your new pet in. Go to her designated room where her food and water are waiting for her. After she's more relaxed, you can give her a tour of the rest of your house. Remember to enter the rooms first and then allow your dog to follow. You're teaching him that this is YOUR territory but you're allowing him in. Try to keep the environment as quiet and calm as possible. Bring your dog to your designated potty area and reward her with a treat when she goes. You may need to take her out more often at first to avoid any excited accidents.



No dog park at first and not too many visitors. Let your new dog settle down with you, his immediate family and his new home. Give him the same food we gave them here at the HVSPCA and begin to get your dog used to your routine. He may have an accident or two at the beginning but a new, steady routine will fix that quickly. 



We will ask you to bring your other dogs to the HVSPCA to meet the newcomer. Under the watchful eye of our Kennel Manager, Matt, we will show you how to make that introduction a successful one. 



Keep the cat secure until you know how the dog will react to it. Use doors, gates, and leashes to prevent contact initially. Don’t give the dog the opportunity to chase the cat. Make sure the cat has escape options. Keep initial encounters brief. Manage all interactions.


It's so exciting! You found your doggie buddy at the Hudson Valley SPCA and you just can't wait to finally bring your new dog home.

Have a dog question? Send Matt, our Kennel Manager, an e-mail to
He will get back to you as soon as he can!

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