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One rescue mission, two locations. Proudly serving Orange County, NY and beyond!

Our Locations

The Hudson Valley SPCA now has two locations in Orange County, NY. This allows us to expand our reach in our mission to save as many animals as possible. 

New Windsor, NY

This is our original location that started it all. Located on 940 Little Britain Road in New Windsor, NY, it is our main base of operations and can house a larger amount of animals.

(845) 564.6810  |

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Goshen, NY

In the summer of 2023, Goshen Humane Society was set to close their doors. We stepped in to keep them open and now it runs as HVSPCA Goshen. Located on 44 Police Drive in Goshen, NY, you will find this building tucked behind the police station.

(845) 294.3984  |

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