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Our Humane Law Enforcement Unit


The Hudson Valley SPCA Division of Law Enforcement is a duly authorized Agency certified under New York State Law to investigate and prosecute acts of animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect. The Humane Division is staffed with a complement of duly sworn and specially trained officers and investigators who enforce applicable provisions of the Agriculture and Markets Laws. Our Investigators have many years of combined experience in animal anti-cruelty investigation. Investigators and Officers of the Humane Division are authorized to conduct investigations, make arrests, issue appearance tickets, conduct warrantless searches and seizures. The Division is supervised by an Officer in Charge. 


This agency works in cooperation with state, county and local law enforcement agencies together with the office of the Orange County District Attorney. The District Attorney’s Office has successfully prosecuted our Felony, Misdemeanor and Violation cases involving cruelty, abuse, and neglect before Local Courts within the County. Additionally, professional and respected Veterinary Advisors assist with evaluations and cases as necessary forming an integral element of our team.


  • If you see an animal in eminent danger (in a hot, locked car, for example): CALL 911

  • If you suspect abuse or neglect, please CALL the Humane Officer at (855) 448-2548 or
    send a TEXT to the following three numbers: (845) 893-0890, (845) 629-7300 AND (845) 323-1992

  • You can also file a complaint by sending an email to
    Please include your name and phone number so we can respond. We will make every attempt to keep this information confidential.



As a result of the hard work of so many people, the Orange County Animal Abuse Registry is now in place. Anyone who resides in Orange County and is convicted of animal cruelty will be listed on this registry. Anyone selling, giving away or adopting an animal out to someone MUST check the Animal Abuse Registry. Not doing so, and allowing an animal abuser to get an animal is a violation of Orange County law. 

Please note that this registry is not retroactive and only convictions after the law passed will be listed. Please CLICK HERE for the County's Animal Abuser Registry page. 

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Office: (845) 564-6810     Fax: (845) 567-0535 
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