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Rescue Stories

We love a happy ending for our animals, and this page shows some of those stories! Every animal that comes into our care leaves a mark on us and we want to share the joy of successful rescues.

For every hard moment in this line of work, there are stories like these that make it all worth doing.



This sweet boy was found behind a local Starbucks with blood sugar so low that he was nearly in a coma. He was incredibly malnourished, underweight, and barely able to lift his head. Rescuers rushed into action. He was immediately given full veterinary care.


Once he was stable, he went into a foster home where he was given further care and lots of love. Day by day his condition improved due to the efforts of dedicated HVSPCA team members. You can see in the pictures above that the difference is night and day. He went from skin and bones to being a solid weight. Phoenix is now in his forever home, and gets to enjoy being a happy, healthy boy! 


Serina was found with her head sticking out of a drainage pipe and the rest of her body inside the dumpster. It took over an hour to move the garbage off of her little body. With the help of a can of Crisco to keep her calm and distracted, volunteers were able to carefully slide her head back into the dumpster. They then dug through the garbage to get her out to safety.


She was brought to the shelter and other than being greasy and hungry, she was fine. She was given a much needed bath (not her favorite part of the process) to remove any gross residue. Serina now has her own forever home, safe from drainage pipes and we are sure plenty of canned food!

tommy & Tammy

This pair was found together in an abandoned apartment. They were under a year old; still babies! They were terrified, dirty, and starved. All they knew was each other and the scary environment around them at the time. They were taken to the shelter and it was all up from there!


We made sure they were well fed, and got to watch them regain their puppyhood as they became playful and friendly in a safe environment. Seeing them thrive and lose their fears was amazing. Of course, we could never have separated them. They were adopted together to a loving forever home!


Karina was found wandering the streets of the City of Newburgh. Her fur was overgrown, filthy, and matted to the point where it needed to be shaved off. She was also not using one of her back legs. We took her to Baby Your Baby Grooming and they were able to shave her down.


A vet check revealed that she wasn't walking on that back leg because of a displaced knee cap. She was seen by an orthopedic surgeon, made a full recovery, and ultimately found her forever home!

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