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Our Dedicated Volunteers

A whopping 75% of those who work at our shelter are volunteers. Not only do they take our dogs on long walks and scratch eager cat chins, they make new friends, learn valuable skills, and become the heroes the animals have been waiting for.


Volunteering at the shelter is also a great way to complete community service requirements!


If you can spare just a few hours per week, please consider becoming a volunteer. Call us at (845) 564.6810, send us your Volunteer Application to, or visit us and we’ll get you started! The animals will reward you with pure love and deep gratitude. Check out the graphic below for some of the ways you can help us.

Volunteer hours: 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Please Note: Volunteers must be 18 or older to walk a dog on their own. Volunteers aged 17 and under need to be accompanied by their parent/guardian while walking a dog.

Administrative Tasks


Dog Walking

Event Planning


Cat Socializing

Animal Transport



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