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A Volunteer's Blog

I'm telling you the truth..

I was at the shelter the other day and had a long conversation with Sylvia. She said she thought I had disappeared. I apologized for not letting her know that I would be away for a couple of days. Anyway, she was happy to see me at the sink washing kitty bowls and scrubbing litter boxes. She rolled around on top of the washing machine and then

she got very serious. "How come I didn't get adopted yet? I'm not an old kitty like some of the others. I'm only 4 years old and you said that I was so cute and gentle and would make a fine pet for a family with little kids."

"Of course you'll get adopted, "I said. How could anyone NOT fall immediately in love with you?"

"Are you telling me the truth"? she said. "Of course, sweet, adorable, gentle Sylvia. I bet somebody who saw your sweet picture on Facebook will be coming any day now to adopt you. Just you wait and see!!"

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