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Hi! I'm Sylvia!

Hi Folks...This is me, Sylvia, the official HVSPCA kitchen cat.

I like to nap on top of the washing machine and listen to the fleece blankets sloshing around in the sudsy water. When the kitchen lady comes in, she always asks me to help her with the laundry. I make sure none of the kitties jumps into the dryer. Mostly, I like to talk to the kitchen lady because she says funny things like, "OOOps!" or "This is a yucky food bowl!!" or "Isn't it steamy hot in the kitchen, Sylvia?" or "Don't put your feet in the sink when there's yucky stuff floating around." She says that because I like to put my paw in the sink and slosh it around. That tickles!!

The Kitchen lady tells me all about Jerry who used to be the Official Kitchen Cat before me. Jerry was sad for a very long time because even though he had a cute little folded ear and white paws, he thought nobody would ever adopt him.

He'd say..."How come nobody wants to adopt me and give me a Forever Home???" The kitchen lady told him not to despair because one day somebody would walk in and say... "Who's that cute guy? Let's adopt him!!" And it wasn't too long until Jerry had a Forever Home.

Which made me stop and think for a minute about me. Why don't I have a "Forever Home"?

I asked the kitchen lady. You know what she told me?? She said, "Sylvia,,,you are such a gentle, sweet and lovable kitty that your day is coming when a nice family is going to look at your beautiful face and say....What an adorable little kitty. Let's bring her home to live with us."

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