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Dreaming of a Nice Lady

I was looking forward to seeing Jerry because I’d been away for a week and really missed him. So when I arrived at the shelter yesterday, we bobbed heads as usual and I gave him a Happy Easter card and a handful of kitty treats which he shared with his girlfriend, Sylvia. I had hoped to find him in better spirits than the previous time, but poor Jerry was really down and he told me that NOBODY had come along to take him to his FOREVER HOME the way I had told him he would. I said once again he had a great personality…mellow and affectionate and with those adorable white front paws, it would be a NO BRAINER for anybody to just sweep him off his feet and carry him home.

“What’s wrong with me?” he asked.

“Not a thing,” I said. “I think you’re a super one-of-a-kind adorable, loving, sweet kitty and I promise you that one day soon, somebody is gonna show up at the shelter and say, “Hey…I wanna see that adorable kitty named Jerry I’ve been hearing all about.

Well…when it came time for me to leave, Jerry had curled up for a nap in his usual place on top of the washing machine. I had a feeling he was having a wonderful dream about a nice lady who had heard all about him and was coming by the shelter to take him home. I hope his dream made him feel better.

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