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Why Trap-Neuter-Return is important.












You may have seen these letters and wondered what they meant. TNR is used to refer to Trap-Neuter-Return  the only proven method to be humane and effective when controlling feral cat colony populations. 


Many considerate animal lovers feed feral cats and that has resulted in numerous established feral cat colonies. Using TNR, all of the cats in the colony are trapped, neutered and then returned to their established territories. Friendly adults and young kittens who can still be socialized are often placed in foster care and adopted out to good homes after a time. 

Why does the HVSPCA prefer TNR over other methods? This process immediately stabilizes the size of the colony by eliminating new litters. Some negative behaviors associated with feral cats (fighting and marking, for example) are dramatically reduced once they have been neutered. These returned cats will guard their territory and prevent unneutered cats from moving in to begin the overpopulation cycle again. When practiced on a large scale, as we support here at the Hudson Valley SPCA, it will also lessen the number of kittens and cats flowing into already overwhelmed shelters


TNR works. It is a movement we totally endorse and support. Won't you join us in the fight to control feral cat overpopulation? If you are interested in learning more about TNR, about trapping feral cats, neutering and returning them to their colony, please download our TNR 101 guide by clicking here, call us at (845) 564-6810 or email us at We can do this together.  

T.A.R.A. – The Animals Rights Alliance, Inc.

Have you seen this van nearby? That's the T.A.R.A. low-cost spay/neuter clinic for cats and dogs. If you want to neuter a feral cat, first find out if your community has a co-pay system which will reduce your cost even further. 


The folks at T.A.R.A do a wonderful job. To learn more about what they do and how you can help this wonderful organization CLICK HERE.



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