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Rescue Stories

Serina, the dumpster kitten: We received a call from a young woman who was very upset because she had found a small kitten stuck in her apartment complex's dumpster. Two of our volunteers went out immediately and found a little black kitten with her head sticking out of the drainage pipe and her body inside the dumpster. It took over an hour to move the garbage off of her little body and with the help of a can of Crisco, they were able to slide her head back into the dumpster. She was immediately brought to the shelter and other than being greasy and hungry, she was fine and now has her own forever home. 
UPDATE: Serina has been adopted!

Karina, the little white shaggy dog: Karina was brought in by a young couple who found her wandering the streets of the City of Newburgh. Her fur was overgrown, filthy and matted to the point where it needed to be shaved off. She was also not using one of her back legs. We took her to Baby Your Baby Grooming (which does all of our grooming free of charge) and they were able to shave her down. A vet check revealed that she wasn't walking on that back leg because of a displaced knee cap. She is being seen by an orthopedic surgeon and will be ready to go to her forever home soon. 
UPDATE: Karina has been adopted!

Tommy and Tammy: These two little terrier mixes were brought in late in the afternoon by a woman who said she found them in an abandoned apartment. She didn't want them. Under a year old, they were terrified and starved so they wolfed down the food we gave them. Because they were also covered in their own excrement, they received a bath right after they ate. There was obviously a very strong bond between the two of them so there was no question but that they had to be adopted together. These two plumped out in no time, became delightfully friendly and playful as they realized that no one was going to hurt them. They are regaining the puppyhood they had been too weak to enjoy. Tommy and Tammy were adopted together but recently returned due to no fault of their own. They are now, again, waiting for a forever home where they can enjoy life to the fullest. 
UPDATE: Tommy and Tammy have been adopted!

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