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Thanks for the St. Patrick's Day Card

I hung out with Jerry this morning and he kept me company while I washed kitty bowls and litter boxes. He said, “Thanks for the St. Patricks Day Card,” which I noticed wasn’t on the wall anymore. “Somebody took it down,” he said. “That’s too bad,” I said.

“I already have an Easter card for you which I’ll give to you on Easter and I’ll leave a note that says, “ This Easter Card is for Jerry from the kitchen lady…please do not tear it off the wall.”

Anyway I noticed that Jerry was not really himself today…he seemed depressed…so I whipped out my bag of cat treats and offered him a few. He bobbed heads with me by way of “Thank you,” But all the while I was in the kitchen washing up stuff, I could tell he was feeling really “blue”…so I asked him, “What’s bothering you today, buddy?”

He said, “ Remember you told me that I am special and somebody would come to the shelter to adopt me and bring me to my “forever home”..? Remember?” I said, “Yes I did say that and I believe there is a somebody who will find you and flip over you because you are one-of-a-kind…a sweet, affectionate great little kitty…and you will make some family very very happy to adopt a kitty as terrific as you I guess we just have to be patient and wait it out. Meanwhile, you know I’m your best buddy and I’ll do everything I can to find you a “forever home.”

Before I left for the day, we bobbed heads and I slipped him a few more kitty treats.

Poor, sad Jerry. Let's find him a forever home!!

The Kitchen Lady

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