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Today Jerry told me he was feeling kinda blue. I usually keep a pack of kitty treats in my pocket when I'm in Jerry's kitchen, so I offered him a few thinking it would cheer him up. He thanked me for the treats (they were tuna flavored, Jerry's favorite... although he also likes the chicken flavored ones.)

Anyway, he cheered up a bit and watched me wash the kitty bowls and some litter boxes, but after a while, he looked bored. I tried to interest him with the kitty toy I always bring along...a bird suspended on a black stick. He reached for it with his paw once or twice, but clearly he didn't have his heart in it.

"So what's the matter, buddy?" I asked him. "How come nobody wants to adopt me so I could have a Forever Home like the other kitties?" I couldn't answer him right away, but then I had a brainstorm.

"Of course you will get adopted....the right person will come along and see what a sweet guy you are...especially with those cute white toes of yours and your agreeable personality. When I left for the day, I gave him a BIG HUG and said I'd be back tomorrow.

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