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Jerry was very talkative today and while I was washing up the cat bowls and litter boxes, he filled me in on some terrific news about Emily and Milo: Emily, that sweet and lovable lap cat originally rescued at the Price Chopper parking lot and Milo, the stray in New Windsor who spent the last year at HVSPCA...both kitties are going to the same home. HOOORAY for Emily!! HOOORAY for Milo!!

And just before I left today, he whispered in my ear some other great news: Mia and Twinkles were adopted the other day when I couldn't get to the shelter because of the icy roads. Let's sing HOOORAY for Mia and Twinkles too! Great News!!!

Oh ...and another thing...Gracie and Gizmo also got adopted!!!!

PS: Jerry suggested that we make up a special "GOING HOME" song as each of his shelter buddies get adopted. I think that's a great idea. If you hear us crooning in the kitchen, you'll know we're practicing our Going Home song.

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