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News from Jerry's Kitchen

Hey there..I'm Jerry, the Kitchen Cat. I get to sleep in here all night with my two buddies, Marble and Cassie. I curl up on top of the washing machine and snore. I don't think the other guys mind. They snore too. In the morning it gets busy in the kitchen...the kitchen lady comes in and starts washing up the cat bowls and stuff. I like to get my feet wet in the sink..then I go find a soft fleece blanket to snooze on. I miss going outside like I used to and sometimes I lie down at the door smelling the smells of outside.

Maybe someone will come through the kitchen and say, "What a pretty kitty!" and take me home with them. If you wanna know what I look like...I am grey with stripes and have white paws. I think the kitchen lady likes me a lot. She always butts heads with me when she arrives...and before she goes home.

Yours truly,

Jerry, the kitchen cat

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