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Upcoming Events

This page will be updated as often as possible to announce upcoming events that we are either hosting or attending, so please check back regularly!



Monthly Fundraiser
and Adoption Event


Thanks to the fine folks at Poughkeepsie Nissan for holding a monthly fundraiser and meet-and-greet with our adoptable dogs! CLICK HERE to visit their website and drop in to say thank you! 

SolarCity will donate $200 for each HVSPCA supporter who goes solar with them!


You can tap into the solar revolution and raise money the animals in our shelter! CLICK HERE to learn more about this program!



Bring your recycled corks to BIN 94 Wines and every time the bowl is filled, BIN 94 Wines will donate $25 to the HVSPCA!

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Shop, Save and Support
the Hudson Valley SPCA!


Supporting our animals is such an important mission and Goodshop now provides both great savings and donations when you purchase things online like the latest gadget with a Macy’s coupon, a gift basket using a Harry & Davids promo code, and slacks from J.Crew though their website. Goodshop has thousands of coupons for you so you can save money while helping these dogs in need!. It’s easy!  You shop at the stores you love, you save with the coupons and deals you find at Goodshop and you help our humane law enforcement mission because all of your purchases will result in a donation to our SPCA -- at no cost to you or us! Goodshop has already raised about $12 million. So think of us every time you are going to shop!


CLYNK to Give Program: recycling that helps the HVSPCA animals!

The HVSPCA has purchase bulk CLYNK bags which are tagged with our barcoded account number. You can pick up your bags at the Shelter, fill it with recycled glass or plastic bottles and cans and when the bag is full, drop it off at a CLYNK station at any Hannaford. They will take them to a recycling facility to scan the bag tag and the funds collected this way go to the Shelter account directly. We can even see the number of bottles collected in our behalf to date!


Come pick up your CLINK recycling bag at the HVSPCA today! Every penny adds up to help the animals we care for. THANK YOU!

Learn more about CLYNK by CLICKING HERE!

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