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Our Staff & Board of Directors


A sanctuary and animal adoption center can only succeed because of the hard work of so many. Although 75% of those working in the shelter are volunteers, we do have a staff dog whisperer and matchmaker, Matt Hughes, and a staff super-feline-friend and matchmaker, Renee Mazzie. And, although Dee Barber is a dedicated volunteer and not staff, she is an integral part of our organization



MATT HUGHES | Shelter Manager

Matt has a magic touch. All the dogs know he's got magic and they adore him for his love, for his dedication to their happy future and for his deep understanding of their every needs. 


You say you want a Rottweiler? Talk to Matt. You might be surprised that your perfect love match is really a Boxer mix named Scooter. Matt has the uncanny ability to match the right dog to the right anxious adopter. Every single time. All of us at the HVSPCA, all the dogs and the adopting families will tell you... Matt is magic. Come meet him and you will be a believer. Have any dog questions? Send him an email at and he will help in any way he can.



Ellen has been a cat lover since she was two years old and was introduced to that first cat she called "kiggy." She joined her first animal welfare group, Green Mountain Animal Defenders, in 1990 and has volunteered countless hours to improve the lives of all animals ever since. A huge proponent of TNR, Ellen promotes spay and neuter, she fosters when temporary cat homes are needed and, most recently, helped with cat adoptions at the Humane Society of Walden.

Come on over and say hello to Ellen! Have any cat questions? You can email her directly at and she promises to answer all emails as soon as humanly possible.



Dee answers the phone. Dee takes photos of the animals. Dee updates PetFinder on incoming animals and those who have finally gone home. Dee does background checks on applications. Yes, Dee is here, Dee is there, Dee is just about everywhere. A retired probation officer, Dee takes her current job at the shelter just as seriously. She makes sure that every animal goes to that very perfect home they've been dreaming of. And until then, she's also responsible for giving them multiple hugs and kisses. 











No one may realize that that hard working person cleaning litter boxes is an Executive Board Director. And you may not believe that the woman, who takes dogs home with her almost every night so they can feel what a home is like, is our Board President. Sure, our Executive Board Vice President is a rock star to many, but his leading role at the HVSPCA is animal lover extraordinaire. 


Yes, our Executive Board is comprised of big-hearted animal people who are intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of the HVSPCA. No remote control for this devoted group. Come into the shelter and you're bound to run into one of our Board members.


JOANNIE KAY, Executive Board President

PAUL TEUTUL, SR., Executive Board Vice President

TOM DICARRADO, Past President / Executive Board Director

CONNIE DICARRADO, Executive Board Director

HEATHER HALLACK, Executive Board Director

WALTER SKINNER, Executive Board Director (not pictured)

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