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Humane Law Enforcement Raid on Goshen Horse Farm Uncovers Cruelty 

In response to a report of potential abuse or neglect at Argus Farm in Goshen, our Humane Law Enforcement team conducted a raid wherein they discovered the remains of five dead horses who may have been starved to death in their stalls. In one stall, the remains of a foal were found collapsed next to his decomposed mother in a nursing position. In another, an emaciated but very much alive stallion was found standing over the remains of another deceased horse. With no food, hay or water on the premises, the stallion had resorted to eating the wood window sills in an attempt to survive. The carcasses of another six horses were found piled up in nearby woods. The property's owner, Jeanne Ryan, has been arrested on charges of cruelty and failure to dispose of dead animals properly. 

The decision to share the photos of this case with you was not one we took lightly. Ultimately, we decided to do so only because we believe it is important for the public to see the types of scenes our HLE officers witness each and every day. Due to their disturbing nature, we have made them available on a separate page.

If you have additional information that may assist in this case, please contact the HVSPCA Humane Law Enforcement Division at (855)-448-2548.

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