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PLEASE NOTE: At this time, the HVSPCA shelter does not have an animal fostering program.

Become a Foster Parent!

Won't you consider becoming a foster parent? Fostering helps provide our dogs and cats with a home away from the stresses of a shelter while we continue to pursue a permanent adoptive family for that animal. We treasure the important work our fosters do for the animals! 


So, why is fostering important for the animals and for us at the shelter? 


Fostering allows for the socialization of a shy cat or dog that isn't quite ready for adoption. Being with a loving human consistently helps that animal adjust from being homeless and scared to feeling loved and comfortable around humans.



Every animal needs a break from the stress of shelter life. A time to feel what it's like to be in a home. Fostering an animal for even a short time, gives that animal a needed rest and allows that animal to get closer to the time they will become a part of their own family.



With some animals safe in foster homes, we can bring more needy animals into the shelter. More animals can be saved. More animals who will find forever homes. 


  • Can you provide a safe, secure and stable environment for a needy dog or cat?

  • Are you able to isolate your foster pet from your other animals during the adjustment period? 

  • Can you monitor your foster animal's health and well-being? Can you transport him or her to a vet when necessary?

  • Can you help your foster animal polish his or her manners and become more adoptable?

  • Are you able to provide information to the organization about your foster pet’s personality and behavior and respond promptly to inquiries from potential adopters?

  • Are you prepared to "give up" your foster animal when the time comes?



At this time, we have many fosters we rely on and are no longer looking for fosters. However for the future, as any foster parent will tell you, the rewards are immeasurable! Teach a dog to trust again by show him the joys of playing catch and of taking long walks in the woods. Provide an injured cat with a quiet environment while she heals. Most importantly, you change a life for the better and, frankly, what's better than that?


If you're interested in becoming a foster, please call us at (845) 564-6810 or email us at to meet some of the animals needing foster homes. What's more, the expenses associated with fostering are tax-deductible! Call us or come over and let's get started.



Saying Goodbye to a Foster Pet (ASPCA): Fostering an animal pet is one of the most important things an compassionate person can do. And it can be an emotional, life-changing experience. Even for many who think they can do it, saying goodbye is never easy.


8 Reasons Why You Should Foster Animals: 8 important reasons to review and others you will get to add to this list after fostering.


Fostering Military PetsWhether our military personnel have their deployments extended, are re-deployed or are newly deployed, they face a number of difficult decisions regarding home, family and pets. Fosters can help and this article explains how. The HVSCA does not offer this service at this time.


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